Young Men

The Young Men (often referred to as Young Men's) is a youth organisation of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Its purpose is to assist the church's Aaronic Priesthood-aged young men in their growth and development. The organisation serves young men from the year they turn 12 until they are 18.

In each of the church's local congregation, males turning ages 12 to 18 are assigned to the Aaronic priesthood and the Young Men organisation. The Aaronic priesthood is led by a bishop or branch president and his counsellors (known as the bishopric or branch presidency).

In the Aaronic priesthood, the young men are sub-divided into three aged-based priesthood offices, which also serve as classes on Sunday:

    • Deacon (turning ages 12 or 13)

    • Teacher (turning ages 14 or 15)

    • Priest (turning ages 16 to 18)

When a young man reaches the age of 18, he is normally encouraged to begin attending the elders quorum. In certain instances, such as when a young man turns 18 but is still in secondary school, he will be encouraged to continue to attend the priests quorum.

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